Review - aokur 4.3‘’ LCD Backup Camera

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This is my review and unboxing of the aokur Backup Camera with 4.3 inch TFT LCD Rearview Monitor, Waterproof Night Vision License Plate Starlight Cam, Auto Reverse Parking Assistance System for Car Vehicle Bus Truck Van Camper RVs ATV found at
My older OEM rearview camera system in my car is stating to go bad, so it was time to get a replacement one. To get the one I had fixed was going to cost way too much money, so I decided to try out this one by aokur. The said that it would be easy to install, and they were correct. The whole thing too me less than 30 minutes to do. The camera attaches by the same screw that holds your license plate. I then ran the extension cable from the trunk area around the side of the car, hiding the cable under the plastic pieces that are on the inside edge between the doors and carpet floors. I then attached the the large 4.3 inch monitor to my dash, right above where my older one was, and ran the cable from the monitor down to the extension cable I ran from the camera. I then connected the cigarette adapter cable to the run, and that was it. As soon as I pressed the power button on the cigarette adapter, I had a clear image! The image is nice and sharp in the daytime, and the built in IR lights let me use the camera to see behind me in the darkness of the night.
Some of the things that I really liked about the camera and monitor are:
- Quick and easy to install
- Camera attaches via license plate screw
- Can be powered by cigarette lighter or rear lights
- Easy to find and use power button on cigarette lighter
- Really large 4.3 inch LCD monitor
- Clear night vision, brighter than other models I've used
- Wide image to better see things behind you
- Good length of cable to run down the side of the car
Things I did not like are:
- There is a thick part on the cable rear the camera. It took a little force to get that extra thickness through my entry point into the car
- No AUX input on monitor. Would be nice to use it for something else when you are not using the camera.
- Would of liked other options to mount the monitor so it's not always out and visible. But that's just my personal preference.
After using this camera for some time now, I highly recommend it. It has good quality from both the camera, as well as the monitor in both daytime and nighttime. For more information, or to purchase one for yourself, please visit

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